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HGH na ego ọnụahịa na nkeji, ịkwụ ụgwọ kwa ọnwa

HGH at a wholesale price in installments, monthly payment from Thailand


A new option of our pharmacy is to get a full course of growth hormone at a wholesale price, a monthly payment, a monthly supply of growth hormone

The agreement to supply of the full HGH course in installments

With our patients, we entered into an agreement to supply the full course of 10-12 up HGH Genotropin pens (example), at a fixed price for the duration of the agreemen. Then the patient pays only for the start of the course (2 pens) at wholesale price. After receiving and using growth hormone, the patient continues to receive and pay monthly growth hormone by agreement of his treatment course at the wholesale price concluded at the time of agreement for the supply of growth hormone

Start getting growth hormone in installments

STEP 1 - Account registration

Please use the link to aha na sign in to your account

STEP 2 - Write to us

Please write us by indicating your account through the ụdị on the website or the consultant in the lower right corner

Further with the consultant we will coordinate the details



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